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Vanessa Jump Nelson has accumulated many hours' experience singing for recordings both live and in the studio, including but not limited to the following.

Vanessa's solo voice is heard on the following CD recordings with Duelin' Sopranos, available through, or through Music Millennium's Classical Department, in Portland, Oregon:

Ensemble member on the following CD recordings:

  • "Genesis:  Jazz in Vocal Ensemble Music Education" - Hal Malcolm, some selections recorded earlier (1977-80), re-issued in this format in 1998.
  • "New Morning for the World/The Passion of Martin Luther King" - Oregon Symphony, James DePriest , conductor, Portland Symphonic Choir, Bruce Browne, conductor, Koch International Classics, 1995.

Vanessa was an ensemble vocalist on the following recordings, most of which are available in CD format through Oregon Catholic Press:

  • "Table of Plenty" - John Michael Talbot, OCP Publications, 1997.
  • "Turn Your Heart to Me" - Music from Amsterdam, Huijbers/Oomen/Oosterhuis, OCP Publications, 1997.
  • "Jesus Christ, Yesterday, Today, & Forever" - Suzanne Toolan, RSM, OCP Publications, 1997.
  • "In Remembrance of You" - Christopher Willcock, OCP Publications, 1996.
  • "One Spirit, One Church" - J. Becker, K. Keil, & L. Rosania, OCP Publications, 1996.
  • "Walk With Christ" - Stephen Dean, OCP Publications, 1996.
  • "Celtic Mass" - Christopher Walker, OCP Publications, 1996.
  • "A Voice Cries Out" - Michael Joncas, OCP Publications, 1995.
  • "God Here Among Us" - Christopher Willcock, OCP Publications, 1995.
  • "Songs of Hope" - St. Thomas More Group, Oregon Catholic Press, 1995.
  • "Singing the Psalms, Volume 1" - Oregon Catholic Press, 1995.
  • "Singing the Psalms, Volume 2" - Oregon Catholic Press, 1995.
  • "By Cross & Water Signed" - M.D. Ridge, OCP Publications, 1995.
  • "Wake Your Power" - Huijbers/L÷wenthal/Oomen/Oosterhuis, OCP Publications, 1994.
  • "Office of the Dead/Evening Prayer" - James Hanson, Oregon Catholic Press, 1994.
  • "Dona Nobis Pacem (Peaceful Christmas Carols)" - Gregory Norbet, OCP Publications, 1994.
  • "An Evening with TOM MILES - Live" - Lipsmackin Records, 1980.  Backup vocals.
Additional miscellaneous recordings:
  • "The Purpose of the Moon" - Rocky Leplin, 1984.  Soloist.
  • "The Oregon Songbook" - Rocky Leplin, 1984.  Soloist.
  • "Just for the Night" - Daniel R. Pettis, 1983.  Soloist.
  • "Sandy Boulevard Auto Row" - radio advertisement - c. 1982.  Backups.
  • KMHD station identification - "We are the Saints, KMHD, AH!" - 1980.
  • Sue Harris Octet demo recordings displaying her arrangements - c. 1980.
  • various other private recordings and demos


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